Being Thai Part II

AGARA – Being Thai Part II: This collection presents contemporary Thai patterns through the lines and fabrics unique to NAGARA's style. The collection comes in black-and-white and blue-copper tones with many designs to choose from, whether it is Signature Fisherman Pants , Straight Pants , Hawaii Shirt , Kaftan Dress , Blouse and Daily Dress or our Signature Fisherman Pants. Being Thai Part II Chawlay pants are the signature of our brand with a unique blend of style and comfort. No wonder the one-of-its kind Mix Silk fabric is so fashionably comfortable to wear making that ubitiqous plain black pants a must have item in every modern being's wardrobe.

Thai fabric brand nagara

NAGARA - high end designer fashion fasion brandNAGARA - thai fashion clothing online thai fashion
NAGARA - high end designer fashion fasion brandNAGARA - thai fashion clothing online thailand fashion

Kaftan Dress – Being Thai Part II: Long dress in Kaftan style with a short front and long back make the wearer looks fashionably slimmer. Combined with our Mix Silk fabric that is comfortable to wear and does not stick to the body, Kaftan Dress can be worn with a simple off-the-shoulder or a slanted shoulders to complement a sexy look that is both contemporary and elegant

Hawaii Shirt – Being Thai Part II: A unisex Hawaiian shirts  can be worn by both men and women for a light airy feel. Our Mix Silk fabric is comfortable to wear, does not stick to the skin, making it very suitable for the hot wet weather in Thailand.

Daily Dress – Being Thai Part II: This is a dress series that can be picked up and worn every day. Whether it is a work day or a leisurely weekend, It can be called survival wear ware for every situation. By all means add some fun with colorful ribbons to give that cheeky look, or depending on individual style, tie up both front and back to give an organic riot look.

NAGARA - fashion in thailand thai fabric NAGARA - thai fashion designer thailand fashion
NAGARA - designer brands ‍ fashion thailandNAGARA - fashion thailand high end designer fashion

Blouse – Being Thai Part II: A shirt that looks like normal black, but not black. There is a short detail on the front. The back is long, making the wearer's profile look slimmer. It can also be worn in a round neck style. Wears well either plain or with an oblique shoulder.

Straight Pants – Being Thai Part II: Straight-cut pants with thick elastic waistband, this simple casualy wear won't make you look puffy but is unbelievely comfortable to wear. It can be said that if you can't think of anything else to wear, you are sure of surviving just by putting this one on.


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