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All of these paintings were not created by any specific inspiration, but rather convey emotion and imagination. through art and color All of them are mixed media style paintings. Using oil and acrylic paints in a unique style in black, red and gold tones, the painting style is influenced by the late artist Thawan Duchanee. The drawing time is not very long. But every picture goes through a thought process. and very meticulous in preparing the equipment

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NAGARA that everyone accepts for their craftsmanship that the clothes he designs are comparable to master's art. The idea of ​​bringing Thai art to a new interpretation of the contemporary by adding a western flair to it. but not leaving the roots of Thainess to spoil the taste Then, delicately painted or embroidered onto the fabric by hand, it can be matched with the world-class painting or embroidery designs. In addition, Nagara is known for its unique tie-dyeing technique. and the use of high quality Thai silk It is not uncommon for Nagara to be honored to exhibit on world fashion landmarks like Paris, Tokyo, Milan across the sea to New York. And still dominate the hearts of fashionistas who love Thainess and value handicrafts firmly until now.

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