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Hawaii Shrit
฿ 1,500

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Short Blouse - Being Thai
฿ 1,200

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Short Blouse Long Back
- Being Thai

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Fisherman Pants - Being Thai
฿ 2,200

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Short Blouse Paisley Black&White
฿ 1,200

Hot Item / Best Seller fasion brand

Mini Dress - Splash
฿ 1,500

Iverlight - เสื้อผ้าแบรนด์ไทย การันตีคุณภาพ

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NAGARA is a leading Thai fashion brand that has been hailed as the "Legend of Thai Fashion." This latest collection continues to evoke an oriental vibe through a variety of silhouette, colors, and patterns while staying true to the brand's signature with its rich and fine craftsmanship and total fabric handwork. Each material was meticulously chosen and handmade with a variety of unique techniques to the fashion house such as dyeing, tie dying and patterns on fabric, where exquisite craftsmanship can be conveyed through their signature material like silk.

Made to Order

Short Blouse - Splash
฿ 1,200

Fisherman Pants - Splash
฿ 2,200

Mini Dress Paisley
฿ 1,500

Nagara’s Signature
Fisherman Pants
฿ 2,200

Pink Paisley Shorts

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